Monday, January 23, 2012

The "Oakiest" Beer Out There

For the past month I have been savoring a stash of six brews from Old Dominion Brewing Company. First, I tried the Dominion Ale, which is an English style ale. I thought it was a very clean beer (pours a clear amber), with a hint of toastiness towards the back end. In terms of pairing, it is a versatile beer that could easily accompany a wide range of saltier foods. Although I would probably have enjoyed this beer more in the spring or summer, it is winter now and I want something dark, bold, and adventurous. 

I found exactly what I was looking for from the Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout. This pitch black brew oozed an oaky aroma and the first sip was euphoric. In the beginning, I thought it may be a little too oaky of a taste for my preference, but as the beer became warmer the real flavors started to emerge. There was a wonderful vanilla undertone to the beer that balanced out this fantastic stout. I do not know why this brew has not received more attention from the craft beer community. If they would have thrown the "Bourbon Barrel" label on it, the beer geeks would be all over it. But to be fair it is probably because of the limited distribution of Old Dominion. I was fortunate enough to receive this beer because of an endearing Christmas gift. 

I encourage beer geeks to get ahold of this brew if they can. After looking at what else this smaller brewery offers, it seems that Old Dominion puts out some pretty impressive beers. It may take a while to distribute to the Midwest, but I will sure as hell be waiting. 

Cheers! Prost! Salud!

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