Sunday, January 15, 2012

Introduction, The East Coast Addition

Hello all, my name is Alex and I was invited by Nick to write here and give my perspective on everything beer. I'm a craft beer enthusiast, wanna-be photographer, home brewer, and now I'll be sharing my journey into the rabbit hole that is home brewing with all of you.

I suppose I should give some background information on how all of this came about. Nick and I attended business school last year and found that we had a similar liking for beer, music, food, and all kinds of other stuff. One day we had a grand idea of brewing our own beer. We did our beer which ended up being very similar to a Fat Tire, but with a little more fruitiness. We learned quite a few things about the process of beer, what we could have done to improve the beer, and just a "holy shit, we made a good beer" feeling.

Skip forward to a couple of months ago. I moved from Kansas City to Washington, Pennsylvania for a new opportunity in the job market. Now that I am here I work a shit load and I don't know anyone so I figured why not build continue brewing? This blog gives me a way to both learn new things about home brewing and beer in general while sharing my opinion and findings with everyone that reads this.



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