Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Splurging On Beer, Why Not?

So today I found out some awesome news. I start my new job next week and it will be 800 feet under the Earth. I will be a red hat, or inexperienced miner. I figured an awesome way to celebrate was to buy a couple of beers that I haven't had yet. It was also by luck that they are both collaboration beers!

I purchased Dogfish Head's My Antonia and Sierra Nevada's Ovila Saison. My Antonia is a lager collaboration with Birra del Borgo, an Italian brewery. The Ovila Series is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and the monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux. I have had the Ovila Quad and it was one of the best Belgian's I've had the opportunity to taste. I highly suggest it if you can find a bottle of it.

I am currently drinking My Antonia and it is a refreshing imperial pilsner. When smelling I find a lot of fruitiness and grapefruit, but I get a slight boozy smell. The front of the beer is quite sweet, but the hops are very noticeable. The back of the beer is very bitter and a large presence of hops are noticeable to the point of tingling.

Overall, I find it is very refreshing and very similar to most characterized double IPAs.



P.S. I will be back to review the saison!

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